Why use a SNIPEF Member?

Businesses must satisfy a number of requirements to become a SNIPEF member:

  • Employ fully-qualified and skilled plumbing and heating operatives
  • Observe industry standards such as building regulations, water byelaws/regulations and the SNIPEF code of practice
  • Maintain public liability insurance of at least £2million
  • Only install approved fittings
  • Undergo  technical inspections to ensure work is carried out properly and to a high standard

Scheme Accreditations

Many SNIPEF members have further accreditations through the following schemes:

WaterSafe Approved Contractors

Businesses accredited by SNIPEF as a WaterSafe Approved Contractor have completed specific training in the Water Byelaws/Regulations.

For most types of plumbing work, plumbers must notify the water supplier before they began work which can cause delays. Approved contractors can carry out some work types without the need to give notification. They can also issue compliance certificates when the work is finished to confirm the work complies with the Water Byelaws/Regulations.

Approved Certifiers of Construction

Businesses accredited by SNIPEF as Approved Certifiers of Construction are qualified to self-certify work as compliant with the Building Regulations, removing the need to wait for Building Control to issue a compliance certificate.

Customer complaints and Guarantee of Workscheme

Customers can access an independent complaints procedure to resolve disputes against members. If you have a complaint about a member please contact us on 0131 556 0600 or email contact@snipef.org

Work undertaken by a SNIPEF Member in domestic properties is covered by the SNIPEF Guarantee of Work scheme, providing customers with practical and financial assistance if a SNIPEF member refuses to implement any decision made by the Complaint Resolution Panel or in situations which may arise in the event of a SNIPEF Member becoming insolvent (conditions apply).